Ransomware in 2022: 7 Capabilities You Need for Fast and Reliable Recovery

An Effective security programs require structure to understand what should be protected and the value of the asset to the organization to determine how protection should be implemented. No matter the methodology companies choose, the framework needs to define measurable outcomes that allow IT teams to defend against attacks and recover quickly if an attack is successful.

Since 2019, every release of Veeam’s® Modern Data Protection platform has delivered significant cyber resiliency and secure ransomware protection capabilities, helping organizations reliably recover from any cyberattack in minutes. Our software-first approach gives you the flexibility to maintain resilient, immutable storage on-premises and in the cloud without being locked into proprietary hardware. These best practices allow you to have the appropriate safeguards to ensure the delivery of reliable backup and recovery for your critical infrastructure services and to ensure your data will be there when you need it.

About the Authors

Chris Hoff

Data Protection & Ransomware Marketing Manager, Veeam Software

Dave Russell

Vice President, Enterprise Strategy, Veeam Software

Jeff Reichard

Senior Director, Enterprise Strategy, Veeam Software